Jack Of All Trades O Lineman Erik Swenson: I Just Like To Be There For The Team, Wherever They Need Me

NORMAN, Okla. —

Erik Swenson has been here for six seasons. He's obviously seen a lot around these parts.

This year, the redshirt senior has performed the role of do-it-all on the offensive line, working multiple positions. It's been critical for a unit that's had to gel as time has gone on after being charged with replacing multiple starters up front, including veteran center

Creed Humphrey .

The group has shown flashes of greatness, but also inconsistency, largely in the form of penalties. Those flashes of greatness led to the Oklahoma offensive line being mentioned as a

Joe Moore Award Midseason Honor Roll recipient.

And this week, Swenson stopped by to speak with the media about a number of things. OUInsider.com presents all of that discussion right here.

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Caleb Williams : “Very natural competitor, he’s a great kid. He’s a freshman, so he’s kind of a kid to me. But I’ve really enjoyed him. I love all our quarterbacks, you know, every single one, even down to

Ben Harris . Just every guy is a great guy. Caleb specifically, he’s just kind of a jokester in the locker room. He always wants to have fun. But when he gets out on the field, it’s just all business. And you’ve kind of got to respect that. Having that mindset [of] not taking things too seriously all the time as a freshman is definitely very mature of him. And he’s going to have a lot of great success as the years come here.”

If he sees any similarities to any of the other previous four starting quarterbacks: “Gosh, over the years every quarterback we’ve had here kind of has their own personality, kind of their own stigma to them. I’d say he’s similar, maybe similar to Baker [Mayfield], just always trying to have a good time on the field when we’re either on the sidelines or not during a competitive period, just trying to make a joke, make people laugh. So, I’d probably say he’s maybe a little similar to Baker in that aspect. Playing wise, you know, I’m watching in front of him, not behind him, so I’m not really sure what he’s doing playing wise. But I’d say personality wise I’d compare him to Baker the most.”

How much different things are for him this year with his role as a utility guy on the offensive line: “I’d say the biggest challenge is just the whole mental aspect of it, trying to remember the responsibilities of four positions in four-and-a-half days, just trying to mentally know all that, and just the different kind of footwork needed, the different kind of sets, the different roles and responsibilities. Coach B. [

Bill Bedenbaugh ] is a great coach, obviously has helped me with that, just learning everything. And then we have

Clayton Woods , our new G.A. He was a former player. He’s a good friend of mine. He was actually my old roommate in college. So, he’s helped me a lot with responsibilities. And I’d probably say that’s just the hardest thing, is just knowing everything, the whole mental side, on top of knowing their defense, knowing what blitzes they run, all that kind of stuff. So, it’s a lot of information every week, but we’ve got some good coaches to help me manage it.”

If it’s second nature to him knowing everything on the line after being here so long: “I’d say just being here a lot has really helped, just over the years learning things. There are some new things every week that I’m just kind of taking the mental side, and then you just kind of flip around stuff in your mind because on the right side you’ll be doing one thing and on the left side you’ll be doing the other thing on a play. And just sometimes you’re so used to being on the left side [and] you go on the right side one play, you may run it how you’re on the left side. So, just it’s really being locked in, just really knowing, just really going down the line in your head of what each player’s doing for each play just to make sure you’re all on the same page.”

Why he thinks

Tyrese Robinson has been so successful making the move to tackle: “You know, he’s just a natural athlete. He’s always been athletic just in any drill we’ve done. He’s got a good kick set. That’s really helped him out at tackle. And he struggled a little bit, I think, when he first [changed]. I think Kansas two years ago when he first tried it, it was a little bit new to him. But definitely over the years or as the weeks have gone on, he’s really gotten good at right tackle. And I think the best thing that helps him out is just his set and good hands. And also being an older guy, he knows the majority of each role all around, so that’s really helped him just evolve his game throughout the weeks.”

How he feels about being the jack-of-all-trades guy on the line: “I’d say I enjoy it. I just like to be there for the team, wherever they need me, and be there for Coach B. If one thing’s not going well on one specific position, I’m just happy to be the next guy up. And I just like learning from each guy. I talk to every single one, Chris [Murray], Anton [Harrison], Andrew [Raym], just all of them, just asking them some advice on plays—like, ‘What do you do here? How do you do this?’ And I just really love kind of the challenge of learning stuff. Meetings over the years for me have been a little bit different of what I want to learn. This year, specifically, I just want to learn as much as I can about the defense and versus what we do on every single thing, even the coverages that DBs do that doesn’t really apply to us too much. I just want to learn it all, and it’s just been really [fun]. It’s been challenging, but I’ve really enjoyed it. And that’s like being that utility man. Someone comes to me for a question, and Coach comes to me for a position, and I’m just happy to do anything in my power to make it right.”

If he practices at a different position every series rep and how they manage that: “Coach B. usually just tells me the day before or, I mean, five minutes before practice starts where I’m going for that day. So, you know, just no idea. I just go where he tells me.”

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What his overall synopsis is of how Raym is doing at center and how much he helps him out: “I’d say I help him out a little bit. I’m not out there on the field at all times, so I really can’t help him out. But I try to be watching every single guy, kind of being just like an observation, just trying to watch everything, help him out as much as possible. I’d say more during the week. We watch film after practice together, just as an offensive line with no coaches, and just helping him whatever he has questions with. I try to tell him like the tendencies and everything. You know, I think he’s a really nice guy. He’s filling some big shoes as of last year. So, that’s asking a lot for a young guy to do, and I think he’s handling it pretty well. He’s learning each week. He’s definitely serious about the game. And he just has a good mentality that he wants to work as hard as possible to improve his game and get better each week.”

If he wants to be a coach: “Gosh, I’ve gone back-and-forth on it. I’m not too sure. I really have no idea what I want to do next year. But maybe coaching is an option, but I’m not too sure about that one yet.”

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Jack-of-all-trades O-lineman Erik Swenson: I just like to be there for the team, wherever they need me

Source:247 Sports

Jack-of-all-trades O-lineman Erik Swenson: I just like to be there for the team, wherever they need me